Driveways & Patios

Complete service.

Design, technical survey and installation.

  • We only use authorised installers.
    Who install strictly to our exacting standards.
  • A complete 4 stage installation inspection.
  • Finest quality products.

Manufactured to British Standards.

  • Safety as standard.
  • Adherence to relevant building and health and safety
  • Full public liability insurance certification.

Top of the range specifications.

  • Unrivalled BS7533 specification – installed to last (avoid the cowboys!).

The 4 stages

  • All inspections are the responsibility of the original surveyor who attends the customer survey
    • Stage 1 – Customer Survey – This is not documented on the 4 stage inspection form. It is completed and documented under the confirmation of survey forms. All forms being signed by the customer.
    • Stage 2 – Excavation – is completed after dig out is finished and edge restrains in place, with type one etc on site but prior to laying & compaction of type one.
    • Stage 3 – Laying – completed after sub bases compacted and laying and cuts in progress.
    • Stage 4 – After all work completed. As even though a customer satisfaction and handover form is completed, this is an independent check by the surveyor to ensure the work is truly to our required standard. This process step recognises that the customer is not an expert in driveway construction and has not been trained in the Affinity driveway construction standards.
  • The installer is required to sign to acknowledge comments made by the surveyor under stages 2, 3 & 4. The surveyor is responsible for ensuring any shortcomings and corrective actions are clearly and simply documented. Each required corrective action must be completed prior to payment to the installer.


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